iGB Down Under Party


23rd – Welcome Drinks @ Harlequin Inn

Welcome drinks took place in the Harlequin Inn in Pyrmont, a footy pub known for its walls decorated with footy jerseys.  It’s a pretty classy joint and you can spot a whole range of patrons there, everything from men in suits to babes in shorts and thongs (flip flops guys, relax).  Everyone was given an iGB card upon arrival for free drinks at the bar and the night was full of laughs, mainly due to Renee’s ridiculous stories and constant teasing of the Bingoport guys for ending at strip joints each night, which of course they denied.  Some costumes of note include Casinoranking’s signature white shirt and jeans combo, Scott Logan in his suit, and Andrew’s desire to wear the same shirt as Scott.  Naturally the joke of the night was that Scott and Andrew were gay lovers, and this joke only got worse as the conference went on.

Night of the 24th – The Loft, Darling Harbour

This was by far the best party and had the best turnout, the view was amazing as always, and people laughed and had lots of fun the whole night.  Schalk was tanked and enjoyed starting up x-rated conversations with Shona, and the more conservative igaming crowd enjoyed g-rated networking while meeting new people.  The club closed at 2am and the die hards of the group ended up going back to the 24 hour sports bar at the casino, but Renee of Rewards Affiliates chose to inhale a quarter pounder at McDonalds, pass out, and arrive at the office at 7:30am still drunk instead.

Night of the 25th – The Lounge @ The Lincoln Bar, Potts Point

While this was a great party, someone was passing gas every 30 seconds and the stench was absolutely foul.   It was so bad in fact, that they crowd had to move upstairs to try and get away from it, but they could still smell it from up there, almost as if it was going through the air con.  The crowd thought they may have escaped the smell when they moved onto Bada Bing, a strip club in King’s Cross, but they could smell it again there, so it had to be someone in the group- BUSTED!  Regardless, there were at least 20 igaming people at Bada Bing, and a certain someone from Referback booked a private show and tried to drag someone else in the room as well, but no could be convinced.  When asked how the show was, the response consisted of, “I never liked blondes before, but after that I think I’ve been changed”.  Obviously a pretty good show.  There were several others who were treated to lap dances by affiliates, and for some it was their first lap dance ever, so Bada Bing is certainly a very special night to remember…even for Shona who somehow managed to get hit by a cab on her way home.

26th – Beach Volleyball/BBQ at Bronte Beach

There were about 30 people who enjoyed an afternoon at the beach dining on amazing food such as lamb souvlakia with an assortment of five different flavored sausages, two awesome salads (one of which NRL player Brad Fittler commented on as he walked past in only his shorts) as well as tim tams, skittles, other sweets, bread rolls and most importantly, beer. Everyone had fun in the sun, got amazing tans, and played some volleyball. The crowd was very impressed with Steven Corfman’s ability to throw his body on the line in order to save the ball from touching the ground, and the crowd was also very impressed with the rack on one of the ladies in the group who lost her bikini top in front of everyone.

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