iGaming Forum Party


iGaming Forum Party at Café Opera & Soap Bar, Stockholm April 13

The evening began with dinner for all conference attendees at Café Opera, a venue that was reserved all night just for the iGaming Forum crowd. After dinner and wine, the poker tournament began and the non poker players of the crowd stuck around the main room, enjoyed our very own DJ, shamelessly flirted with the Ayre Heads, and sucked down cocktails until another plan was formed.

Seeing as the B2B Scandinavian side of the igaming business is a bit less “rowdy” than the, well, lets just say “affiliate side of the business”, the privately rented out Café Opera was a bit on the tame side for those who are not poker enthusiasts. No harm done though, the non-poker players and dedicated boozers simply got shitfaced at Café Opera until the tourney was over and then moved the party to another location in Stockholm with the potential to cause some serious trouble. The nightspot of choice was Soap Bar, a nice little intimate location including some nice little Swedish honies which the igaming men certainly appreciated. Michael Caselli, the man, the legend, almost got kicked out of the bar by the big black bouncer when he decided to lift me up and spin me around in the middle of the bar, but he was thankfully able to talk his way out of it. Other shenanigans of note include Steve Cook who was quite happy to display his very smooth dance moves for all to see, birthday boy Michael Whittam who attempted to yank all the industry girls out onto the dance floor along side of him, and the Ayre Heads who showed up after hours in their hot outfits and greatly succeeded in charming the male dominated crowd as usual.

Much to everyone’s dismay, Soap Bar kicked us out at 3am, and for those who wanted more, a certain someone spearheaded a journey to a “titty bar”, but this is where the story ends my friends- you’ll just have to use your imagination for the rest.

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