iGaming Spring Social

I-Gaming Spring Social Party

April 8th, iGaming Spring Social @ No. 5 Club, London

The night began with a Cable and Wireless dinner, a meal to celebrate the close business partnerships and friendships of the C&W crew and a meal to celebrate Michael Caselli’s 4th annual 30th birthday. The dinner was spiced up by excellent food, plenty of booze, and a surprise visit from Dingle Fingle the Clown and Poker celebrities Jennifer Tilly and Phil Laak, so no one was bored to say the least.

Once dinner was over, we made our way downstairs to where the carnage was already in full force…at about 9pm. The entire venue was jam packed full of drunk industry favorites, thanks to Victory Poker, the main booze sponsors of the night. Dingle Fingle the clown delivered a birthday cake to Michael and Aideen, both who passed on eating the cake itself, but Dingle somehow found himself with cake on his face, thanks to yours truly who happily placed it there for him. Michael Caselli was in rare form as usual, constantly trying to steal away my blue penis CalvinAyre.com mic, and flamboyantly dancing to songs such as “Hammer Time” and “Push it”. Speaking of flamboyant, there was a lot of love this night, a lot of male to male love, some of which could be taken as homosexual love or bisexual love, but we’ll let you take a look at the pictures and see for yourself before passing any judgment.

Check out the Party Pictures Video & the Drunk as fuck award at the iGaming Spring Social London.