Holiday iGaming Social at Chinawhite

Chinawhite Nightclub

One of London’s most glamorous nightspots Chinawhite is an infamous haunt of iGaming professionals, namely Michael Caselli. Just recently, the revamped club re-opened a few rows down from its original Piccadilly location, which was as good a reason as any to christen the place with a good, old fashioned drinking sesh. Only in London town will you find a cracking club on a Tuesday night, and by all accounts this place was blinding. Rebecca turned up late due to a gourmet tasting night at Apsleys at the Lanesborough Hotel with Bodog Network’s Patrik Selin. But as nothing is ever worth turning up at until after midnight anyway she didn’t miss a thing. In fact she reckons it all kicked off once she arrived – but then she would say that wouldn’t she? The iGaming crew had set up shop at the back of the club in a sea of champagne bottles. Word has it there was dancing on the dance floor, dancing on the tables, dancing on the couches, and iGaming girls looking nice for the cameras. There were even topless punters – unfortunately that was the iGaming men.

Check out the Pictures and DAF award from the Holiday iGaming Social at Chinawhite sponsored by Cable & Wireless.