Chinawhite Party London Affiliate Conference

London Affiliate Conference Chinawhite Late Night

The party was a sausage fest. Full of blokes and it took a long while just to get drinks. Thank God, it was the exact opposite at Chinawhite, the chosen destination by the trusty late night igaming crew. This notoriously star-studded nightclub was wall-to-wall full of fit women, extremely drunk industry men, endless champagne, and very dirty dancing. The only issue with this club is that a VIP table is a must ‘ave, and the minimum spend is 1000 GBP to reserve one. Lucky for us, we had our London based friend and club promoter Kieran reserve the tables for us. You’ve got to pay to play and whatnot. That’s what Calvin always says anyway.

Becky took a cab ride to the party with Franco from RedBet, which was a shitshow in itself, as he and his affiliates were heckling the driver the entire ride over. Throughout the evening they were joined by some of the largest poker affiliates in the industry, some very drunk CEOs of some very big companies (one in particular who usually remains behind the scenes and this night was the first time we’ve seen him drunk EVER in the last 5 years), and other industry staples such as Erik and Gustav of Unibet, Richard of Bodog (no bloody surprise), Evgeny of PokerStars, and Chris of CakePoker, all of which were sailor-drunk.

Check out the Pictures and DAF award from the Chinawhite Party London Affiliate Conference.