Bodog Social at Mustard Bar for LAC

Bob Rains DJing at the Bodog Party London

As ever, Middsy organized the Bodog social down to the very finest detail. Each and every guest was greeted with a glass of champagne, the bar was open and fully staffed and so the wait to get served was non-existent. Bob Rains was Djing some stonking tunes, there were blackjack tables in situ and, naturally, Bodog girls aplenty. They even set up special room for professional pictures with two gorgeous lovelies. Work it darlin’, work it…

Everyone was battered. In fact, the party was so good most people hung around for a good hour or so after it had officially finished. Group shots of vodka and Jagermeister was the order of the night, there were dance contests and the blackjack winner was awarded a bottle of Dom Perignon – which was duly opened on sight. Team Bodog was utterly mullered and in the end had to be kicked out for outstaying their welcome – just for a change. Swot’s known in the trade as gamblin’, drinkin’ and carryin’ on.

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