Bed Beach Party at the Budapest Affiliate Conference


My female spies tell me that of all the clubs they’ve been to around the world, and let’s face it, they do fuck all else but go clubbing all year long, this one took the biscuit. It was so good that not only did the BAC crowd schlep over the bridge from Pest to Buda just to chill out in this gaff, but they stayed there on both Friday AND Saturday night after their BAC sponsored parties had finished. In fact, some people even turned down free booze at the sponsored parties to spend their own dosh at Bed Beach, where it was all happening.

Firstly, Bed Beach was crawling with women… nice women. Local girls, iGaming sorts, dancers, models, barmaids. It was like Bunny Time at the Playboy Mansion. We don’t know how or why, but the place was dripping with more honey than a beehive convention.

My female envoys tell me the choices for VIP tables were spot on too. For the right price (iGaming mugs will cough up for anything these days) you could choose the ultimate VIP area overlooking the entire club, the VIP area near the dancing girls, the VIP tables surrounding the dance floor, or the VIP table in the middle of the club’s pool. The music wasn’t too shabby neither if you weren’t drinking you were dancing. With fit birds. On tables.

Check out the Party Pictures and DAF award from the Budapest Affiliate Conference Bed Beach Party.