National Association for Gambling Studies

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It’s fair to say that when there’s a culture that follows sports news about as much as they follow the price of beer, which is a hell of a lot if you were wondering, the gambling industry isn’t going to be far behind with their far-from-empty bandwagon. Although, the country we’re talking about is Australia so it’s anything but a clean cut issue.

As the Aussies struggle to come to some kind of agreement on how to look at a future through gambling, it’s appropriate that a gambling conference be set up to look at research into the gaming industry.

Summer is enjoyed in this part of the Southern Hemisphere when those in the capital of the iGaming universe, London, couldn’t think of anything more discouraging than stepping out in a pair of boardies or a bikini. Thankfully these months are when the National Association for Gambling Studies Australia decides is the best time for their conference to take place.

The next edition, taking place on November 23rd to 25th at Melbourne’s Crown Convention Centre will mark the 21st year that the event has taken place and if it’s anything like last year it’s sure to be a success.

Last year’s program looked at many issues that effect the gambling industry including how to combat the problem of young people and gambling, women and gambling, the treatment of problem gambling, and gambling motivated fraud. It also looked at local community and education programs to help with the gambling industry, in addition to innovative programs.

The conference also had a whole section that looked at online gambling. Subjects covered included “Erroneous cognitions and risky gambling behaviours among EGM players who regularly play video games”, “Gambling Help Online: Program engagement and client characteristics”, “Gambling and Internet gambling in Australia: who, what and why?” and “Psychological Characteristics of Internet Gamblers”. They were delivered by Simone Rodda, Dr Jim Phillips, Dr Daniel King, and Dr Sally Gainsbury.

If you, like many of the other residents of London, will be freezing your ass off come next November then it might be good to book ahead and get your flight now. With the content involved and the likelihood of a great deal of partying you’d be misguided to turn down this opportunity