Monaco iGaming Exchanges 2011

Monaco iGaming Exchange 2011 - Gaming Conference

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Those working in the French iGaming industry have a number of glamorous locations at which to hold conferences. Most pale in comparison to Monaco and much to everyone’s delight the Monaco iGaming Exchanges (MiE) return to the principality for a second straight year.

Monte Carlo’s Grimaldi Forum is again the venue for this year’s event taking place from October 10-12. It gives those in the industry the chance to look at the entire online gaming industry with particular attention shown to France.

The conference takes on the form of an area devoted to exhibitors where you can network to your heart’s content and share a coffee with your peers at the conference refreshment bar.

Next-door is the main conference room where there will be a number of panels and round tables looking at a all facets of the global iGaming industry.

This year’s panels, spread across the three days, look at those issues of utmost importance to those attending. ARJEL will present a report on online gaming since the market opened in France 16 months ago. The international online poker market will also be looked at and you can be sure that Black Friday will be touched upon.

Moderated round tables are an integral part of gaming conferences and MiE is no different in that respect. This year’s discussion will focus on regulation in different European countries, the European Commission’s green paper, international online sports and horse betting markets, and French market perspectives. In addition the future of land-based gambling will be looked at on the final morning.

Like last year the Monaco iGaming Awards will again take place on the first night of the conference. It gives those operating in France to find out who’s the best amongst them according to…them.

There will obviously also be the usual parties that go with any iGaming conference. Parties in Monaco have a slight twist though. Prince Albert attended last year’s conference and the subsequent parties are your chance to drink with royalty. How can you miss out on that?!

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