Indian Gaming 2011

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Native American Gaming has quickly become a big issue for all involved in the continent of North America meaning a conference to discuss and network was inevitable. The National Indian Gaming Industry has chosen Phoenix, Arizona, to host Indian Gaming 2011 from April 3rd to 6th in the city’s Convention Centre.

The event brands itself as “the ONLY trade show and convention for Indian Gaming by Indian Gaming” and as such, it has a number of different aspects tailored towards their particular market.

As we aim to have the best and most thorough conference coverage in the industry, will be providing coverage of the event in its entirety. If you want to meet the Ayre Heads or take home the DAF award, get your ass down to Phoenix next April!

Like 2010’s event in San Diego, the four-day long festivities begin with the exhibitors and attendees taking part in the now ritual golf tournament. This gives everyone a chance to get to know one another while injecting some competitiveness to the proceedings – which is never a bad thing. The evening sees the over 200 tribal governments represented welcomed by the chairman of the event before the activities are ramped up for the second day.

Monday 4th April is the first day proper with workshops taking place looking at all aspects of the Indian Gaming landscape. These workshops are the only place to get important updates on Indian Gaming from experts throughout the industry. They also give you the chance to earn certification from the NUGA Seminar Institute as well being able to ovtain NIGA Commission Certification for Level 1 – the only industry standard. These take place over the remaining days of the conference as well.

The ever-important arts and crafts booths also open for business on the Monday in addition to the Chairman’s Leadership Awards Luncheon.

Day three sees the formal ribbon cutting event that will mark the actual beginning of the trade show itself, with a press conference also taking place to further enforce the fact that the show has begun. This all precedes the evening’s events, which will include the ever-popular Wendell Chino Awards Banquet, coveted by all those attending.

The conference winds down as it enters the final day on Wednesday 6th April, the trade show and workshops will still in full swing though even if you’re feeling it from the night before. Finishing off the four days will be a cultural reception that is a not-to-miss event.

So, if it’s anything like last year’s event, it’s one you don’t want to miss, especially due to the current importance of Indian Gaming in North America.