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Regattas are not usually the first thing that comes to mind when having a discussion about what’s cracking in the iGaming industry. Come the middle of June you could well be having this exact conversation though.

Malta is holding the first ever iGaming Regatta from 11-13 June as six teams battle to become the best at boat racing in the entire gaming industry.

With iGaming Business already confirmed as the media partner for the event it’s likely to be as successful as any of their other events and promotion at the iGaming Super Show will give the regatta ever more exposure.

In terms of how it’s all going to go down, anyone attending will arrive on the isle and be treated to welcome drinks and bar food at 7pm. At the same time registration will take place before those taking part in the action will receive a race briefing.

We’re not sure how successful boat driving is on a hangover so make sure one of you stays relatively sober as race series 1 takes place the following morning from 10-3. After dinner that night, race series 2 is at the same time the next day and then it’s on to the evening when the awards are handed out.

The awards will give way to a “party” when many a drink is likely to be handed out and all in honor of boating and iGaming.

Amongst the competitors already confirmed for the event is paysafecard, Media Skunk Works, Malta iGaming Seminar, and intramedia with another set to announced very soon.

Regatta is loosely defined as “a meeting for boat races.” It says nothing there about being civilized and not drinkin’ like a fish so the gambling industry will be right at home in Malta. This might not be akin to Calvin sailing on an America’s Cup boat, it will quite the accomplishment for the winner though.