I-Gaming Forum 2011

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The annual iGaming Forum enters its second year in 2011 after a successful launch event last year – give or take some minor volcanic disruption. This year’s event will be taking place at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden, from April 11th – 13th and will look at a number of issues concerning Scandinavian gaming and the iGaming industry as a whole.

Much like the event last year, the CalvinAyre.com tablog team will attend to again document the conference, parties, and who takes home the DAF award, and how long it takes everyone to get home this year – although another volcano is not what delegates will be praying for.

Why should you decide to attend the iGaming Forum though?

Well apart from the fact that it takes place in the beautiful surroundings of Stockholm, it sees many of the industry’s key players getting together to bring their insights on a number issues. The three key areas that will be focused on this year are:

  • How to develop cost cutting strategies that at the same time give your business true development and power
  • Recognizing best practice within Scandinavia, specifically focusing on legal developments and marketing knowledge
  • A specific look at the last 12 months for the iGaming business, focusing on new developments, case law, and what we can expect for the next 12 months.

It will of course also provide a valuable networking opportunity and the chance to party the night away with conference delegates – if last year’s festivities are anything to go by, you’ll be lucky not to have a week-long hangover afterwards.

As for the sessions themselves, the incomparable Michael Caselli moderated a number of the discussion at 2010’s event and there will be a clamor to get the Managing Editor of iGaming Business back once again – if only to see how long his stamina for partying into the night can last for in 20111.

Speakers at past incarnations of the forum have included people from some of the top organizations in Scandinavia and the world round. These have included former Dragonfish MD, and current PokerStars CEO Gabi Campos, Petter Nylander, CEO at Unibet, and CEO of Betsson, Pontus Lindwall to name but a few.

So, if you want to learn more about the important Scandinavian market, need a chance to network with the leading lights in the iGaming industry, or simply enjoy a good party – the iGaming Forum will be an event that you don’t want to have missed out on.