Gambling Payments Intensive

Gambling Payments Intensive 2011

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The Gambling Payments Intensive will be on October 27, 2011 at Central London.  According to the World Online Gambling Law Report and E-Finance & Payments Law & Policy, this year marks the fourth year of this conference.

In partnership with Gaming Intelligence, The Paypers, Liam Davenport Photography, Cavendish Conference Venues and the EGBA, the Gambling Payments Intensive 2011 provides a comprehensive and global coverage of issues affecting the gambling payment industry on regulatory, business and financial levels. The conference will also address the challenges authorities face when attempting to regulate them.

Online gambling is the subject of much controversy internationally, as are the associated payments systems and operators. Online gaming and payments systems are notoriously difficult to regulate and, as a result, are subject to intense scrutiny.

Issues to be discussed in the Gambling Payments Intensive 2011 would include an overview of how some of the main gambling jurisdictions in the world tackle the issue of payments. Cross-border issues wherein they will examine what happens when the gambling operator, he gambling activity and related payments are located in different jurisdictions.

Topics regarding fraud and how operators and payment processors manage it will also be covered and if the new forms of gaming, such as mobile, will change the way payments are processed today.

This Gambling Payments Intensive conference is an event essential for betting operators, payment processors, national governing bodies, gambling authorities, card companies, financial authorities, market analysts and legal and business advisors.

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