On-line gambling - After the Green Paper which way forward

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The European online gambling industry is currently under much scrutiny and this culminated in the European Commission announcing a Green Paper and continent-wide consultation on the online gaming industry earlier on this year. One group, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), are gathering to discuss the bill in its entirety in September and the response that they submitted by the July 31st deadline.

What’s it all about though? The Green Paper set out its stall, which was to look at four key policy issues concerning the European online gaming industry. These are the “definition and organization of online gambling services,” “related services performed and/or used by online gambling services providers,” “public interest objectives,” and “enforcement.”

The consultation, which was plagued by delays, was originally started to gain a fact-based picture of the European market and how regulations differ across the patchwork of online gambling markets that exist across the continent.

On September 6th from 930 CET to 1230 the EESC will gather to discuss the preliminary draft of their opinion on the EC Green Paper. The meeting, taking place at the committee’s HQ that is at Rue Van Maerlaut 2, 1040 Brussels, will see those present look at the future direction that the online gambling industry should take in Europe.

The EESC invites anyone along to the public hearing. They especially want to hear from lotteries, the gambling industry, those from sport, regulators and even the consumers. They will discuss where the industry stands in its current form before moving on to look at the future direction that the burgeoning European online gambling industry should take.