Calvin's Rules

It sounds simple, but please be respectful of each other. Your voice is crucial to the overall success of and these forums are provided for the community to engage in conversations that may affect our industry as a whole. We want everyone to be welcomed and enjoy the freedom to express his or her opinion. We value any opportunity to talk directly to our readers, and ask that the site and all community members be respected.

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Spam is lame. Comments posted repeatedly in a thread or multiple threads on the same topic, links unrelated to the thread subject and other actions deemed spam by staff will be deleted.

Don’t be a dick. Swear if you want, we’re all adults…but don’t swear at someone. Personal attacks are always unacceptable. If you can’t argue your side without resorting to calling someone names, you’re probably not well versed enough yet to join the discussion. Read, learn from the other posters and then give an educated opinion.

No NSFW. Copyrighted materials posted illegally or any pornography will be removed. We love naked people as much or maybe more than most people, but posting in it in a comment/forum is just weird man. Send it to us. If it’s that hot will post it. Trust us.

Please stay on topic. Nobody cares about how you scored the winning touchdown in Pop Warner during a discussion about the last affiliate conference.

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