Australasian Gaming Expo 2011

Australasian Gaming Expo - Gambling Conference

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Australia’s largest gaming show of its kind takes place every August as the Australasian Gaming Expo hits the picturesque Darling Harbour, right in the heart of Sydney, Australia.

Taking place from 21st to 23rd August this year’s show will be staged at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre. It will see 150 exhibitors take over 15,000 square meters of floor space as attendees can see the best in what the gaming industry has to offer.

Many of those exhibiting will be from the gaming and related equipment and systems sector. Some of those already confirmed include stands from International Game Technology, Aristocrat Australia, eBet WMS, Shufflemaster and many more. The best of all of it is that gaming executives go to the show for free thanks to the organizers, Gaming Technologies Association (GTA)

GTA is responsible for gaming machine technology provider throughout Australia and they continually strive to achieve success for their members. In putting on the expo the company is making sure that the companies they represent have the best chance at doing business in the tough economic times currently being experienced by much of the world.

Being that the gaming conference is in Australia it will mean that plenty of gamblin’ drinkin’ and carryin’ on will be on the table. Sydney is about as 24 hour as cities come and gaming is about as 24 hour as industries come. Put together they could create quite a stir and the hangover could be quite the end to your time at the conference.

Registration is open at the following link ( and we hear they’re getting the shrimp on the Barbie ready for everyone’s arrival!