Alexis Wicén believes you can’t put a price on player incentives

Alex Wicen believes you can’t put a price on player incentives

After more than a decade in the industry, Unibo co-founder Alexis Wicén believes that you can’t put a price on the importance of player incentives. Wicén sat down with lead reporter Becky Liggero Fontana to elaborate on the types of player incentives that continue to be a drawcard in the gambling industry.

There’s more than one way to keep players involved. Wicén explained the differences between incentives that encourage brand loyalty, as opposed to the type that encourages players to continue spending. “All incentives are there to in essence get players staying longer or playing longer or having more fun. This hopefully leads to the player coming back more often and if you have more fun playing you should come back. But regulatory jurisdictional people are very much against the things, that kind of make you change the idea behind the casino game,” Wicén said.

Wicén elaborates further on how some casino bonuses aren’t providing the long-term value to players:

“If you give someone 100 bonus the first three times, he comes playing in your casino he will feel that he’s losing 100 euros, whilst he’s actually losing 200 euros. Because of the 100 euros bonus money, so in his mind those three times he got x amount of playtime for the positive 100 euros. The following times, when he deposits 100 euros, he’s expecting to get some sort of fun out of it. But he’s suddenly getting half the amount of fun and he’s not really in his mind realizing why that is happening. Because you evaluate your own money more than you evaluate some fake money that you’re getting.“

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