David Flynn shares a day in the life of a CEO


Glitnor Group CEO David Flynn has developed a few tricks to handle the pressure of leading a gambling operation. Flynn confessed that the last 12 months have given him opportunities to adapt, and he took some time out to share his secrets with Calvinayre.com Lead Reporter Becky Liggero Fontana.

Straight off the bat, Flynn admitted that he loves a morning bike ride to prepare for a day in the office. “I try and get out on the bike every morning, depending on the weather and what my schedule is like. If I can get out on the bike for an hour it sets me up for the day. Cycling is all about refreshing my mind,” said Flynn. 

“It gives me a lot of thinking time and it helps me think about the problems of the day, that otherwise, I don’t get the time to think about when I’m in the office,” he added.

When it comes to setting up his day, Flynn explains it’s important to lead a balanced lifestyle between the office and his family.

“I start in the morning so if I’m out on the bike then I’ll get up around about quarter to six. I’ll be out on the bike at say 6 30 just as the sun’s coming up in Malta and then I’ll be out for an hour and then a quick shower and then into the office,” he said.

“When does the day end is that’s an even better question, I’m probably leaving the office around about half six to go home for dinner and then maybe continue with a few things for an hour in the evening. But it’s really important to get that family time as well, I’ve got two young girls and I have a hell of a lot of fun with those guys,” Flynn added.

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