David da Silva is grateful for the return of live sport

David Da Silva CAI

Easy Odds CEO David da Silva, like the rest of the world, was elated with the return of live sport. Easy Odds were able to adapt to the conditions brought on by COVID by focusing on developing the company’s efforts on the horse racing market. Silva sat down with Calvinayre.com Lead Reporter Becky Liggero Fontana to talk about the company’s success during COVID, leading to Easy Odds shortlist status for the SBC Affiliates award.

“Every sport pretty much stopped overnight and we’re in an odds comparison site for sports betting. People come to our site because they want to bet on sports and when there’s no sports it really made it tough for us, so traffic really much dried up instantly,” he said. 

“We were working on how we plug the gap, so the first thing we did was we realized there were still some sports going on in different parts of the world that probably would never have been of any interest to anyone. The other thing we did we just teamed up with Vinnie Jones. That kind of started to keep us going get traffic back on the site, it wasn’t obviously the same, but it definitely worked,” he added.

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