NFL Sunday brings everything from hot wins to freezing snow


This NFL season has already positioned itself in the history books as one of the oddest in recent memory. Divisions that are filled with losing records, massive amounts of injuries, upsets and a pesky COVID-19 that has threatened to call off the action have kept things interesting from Week 1. Yesterday’s Week 7 games added to the excitement, bringing everything from clutch plays for the win to blizzards. Sports gamblers had to like what they saw, too. 

The Green Bay Packers didn’t have too much to worry about with the Houston Texans, a team that is trying to find its direction after head coach Bill O’Brien was recently let go. Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers completed the day with 283 yards as he threw four touchdowns, two of which went to Davante Adams, on the team’s way to a 35-20 victory. Bettors expected a blowout, and BetRivers saw 87% of the action going to the Packers, with another 77% covering the -3 Packers spread. 

The Washington Football Team had no trouble as it faced the Dallas Cowboys. Mike McCarthy might be the second NFL coach in the Lone Star State to be fired this season after the embarrassing 25-3 loss that saw Washington control the course of the game from the start. The Cowboys were able to stop the WFT on the first drive at the goal line, but that was about the end of any defensive performance. This game went to the sportsbooks, with 78% of the bets on the spread were in favor of the Boys, and 76% had them winning the game. 

The New Orleans Saints and the Carolina Panthers met up in New Orleans, playing in front of just a handful of spectators, but it was enough to give the Saints a boost. Quarterback Drew Brees put up 287 yards, despite not having two top receivers, but the Panthers had their moments, as well. This game would be a battle all the way through and hinge on just one (controversial) play. Kicker Joey Slye was brought out to try a 65-yard field goal with two minutes still on the clock and almost pulled it off – it fell about a foot short, and the Saints would get the ball back to hold onto the 27-24 score. The good news for bettors is that the Panthers covered the spread, but the 61% of the bets on the Over/Under of 51 missed.

The Atlanta Falcons still can’t find their groove and had a little difficulty yesterday against the Detroit Lions. This game could have gone to the Falcons, but football fans know that the team is skilled at losing after gaining the advantage. Up by less than a touchdown, the Falcons defense couldn’t hold the Lions as time chipped away, and Detroit marched down the field for a touchdown as time expired. That gave the Lions the 23-22 win, and 54% of the wagers had gone to Atlanta covering the 1.5-point spread, and the one-point difference destroyed those tickets.

The Tennessee Titans and the Pittsburgh Steelers were 6-0 as they faced off on the field yesterday, and only one could emerge to remain as the single undefeated team in the NFL. The Steelers set the pace in the first half and managed to move out in front 27-7. However, the Titans were able to fight back and make it a real contest with 17 unanswered points. It came down to a field goal for the tie, but usually sure-footed Stephen Gostkowski couldn’t get it between the uprights from 45 yards as time was running out, and the Steelers held on for the win. Bettors had expected the Steelers to take the victory, with 70% of the wagers in their favor. The 27-24 final makes this an odd day for football, with two games ending with the same score after failed field goal attempts. 

The Kansas City Chiefs weren’t deterred by a little snow in Denver as they took on the Broncos. The Chiefs scored touchdowns on offense, defense and special teams on the way to their 43-16 victory, showing that they still have the talent after winning the Super Bowl last year. 95% of the action had been on the Chiefs to win and 91% expected them to cover the -7 spread. The Chiefs almost made it look too easy. 

The San Francisco 49ers found zero issues against the New England Patriots as they recover from a series of injuries this season. The Pats struggled on both offense and defense as the Niners went on to win 33-6 and proved to be a win for some gamblers. San Francisco had gone in as the 3-point underdogs and 53% of the wagers went to them for the win and 45% had predicted a low-scoring game. The Over/Under was set at 44.5, and 45% of the bets went to the Under.