FansUnite lock in esports betting partnership with Pinnacle Solution


Canadian technology and gaming firm FansUnite announced that it would be partnering with Pinnacle Solution to provide odds on esports bets for its Chameleon Gaming Platform partners. The long-term strategic partnership means that FansUnite will be expanding its esports betting products, in what has become a highly competitive marketplace in 2020.

fansunite-lock-in-esports-betting-partnership-with-pinnacle-solutionPinnacle solution currently has a partnership with GRID esports to provide data and odds for esports leagues and tournaments across the globe. The move is expected to give FansUnite access to GRID’s contracts for several major esports events.

FansUnite CEO Scott Burton expressed his excitement over the partnership with Pinnacle on the company’s website:

“We aim to partner with the leading companies in the industry to provide the best product and options to our customers using the Chameleon Platform. With Pinnacle’s addition and their relationship with GRID Esports, we continue to add the best esports betting data available with the most markets and the best odds. It’s exciting to be the first to offer Pinnacle Solution’ service and we are honoured they chose to work with us.”

Burton views the partnership as another key piece of business to market FansUnite to sportsbook operators.”The next step is to effectively market the Chameleon Gaming Platform to sportsbooks,” continued Scott Burton. “We want to ramp up our B2B segment and get a guaranteed licensing fee when sportsbooks use our services.

“In addition, we generate additional income as our partners grow as we share in a percentage of the net gaming revenue giving us unlimited upside revenue potential. Partnering with Pinnacle will help take our B2B esports solution to a new level,” Burton added.

Pinnacle CEO Paris Smith added that the partnership was designed to strengthen the company’s B2B competitiveness:

“We are really excited to announce this partnership with FansUnite. Pinnacle Solution is going from strength to strength and it’s great to see our product getting out there and enhancing the betting experience for customers around the world. We are always focused on getting the most value out of our partnerships for us and our partners. Our deal with FansUnite will certainly add to our experience as a supplier and we are really looking forward to working closely with their team and helping them achieve their goals.

“Our B2B strategy is one that is built on laying solid foundations. Our continued growth, which includes deals like this, is a clear sign that we are working hard to build on our already impressive offering and keep leading the way for others to follow. Whether it’s the odds, the risk management, the data, we have the complete package as well as a best-in-class service to match.”