Sachin Tendulkar signs on as brand ambassador for PFG

Indian cricket great Sachin Tendulkar has agreed to a partnership with Paytm First Games (PFG), to become the platforms fantasy sports ambassador for the 2020 edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Widely considered to be one of the finest players of a generation, PFG will be looking to Tendulkar to help them capitalise on India’s lucrative fantasy sports market.

The Indian great was excited about the possibilities that the partnership with PFG could bring to the cricket market in India. “Cricket is an engaging sport, and we all tend to have opinions about the game – right from player selection to playing strategies,” Tendulkar said. “Paytm First Games will allow fans to don their thinking hats and experience the thrill of making the correct choices and getting their teams to win.”

PFG Chief Operating Officer Sudhanshu Gupta commented in a statement on the company’s website that he was delighted with the partnership with Tendulkar. “As India’s homegrown gaming platform, our vision is to get the sports fans closer to the action with fantasy sports,” said Gupta.

“With Sachin as a brand ambassador, we wish to inspire mobile gaming enthusiasts to experience fantasy sports which are about tactics, strategic planning and research,” he added.

PFG has encouraged their users to follow in the Tendulkar’s footsteps in the ‘Make the Right Choice’ campaign and promote the fantasy sports market. Gupta is hoping that Tendulkar’s rags to riches story will strike a chord with the growing fantasy sports market in India.

“Sachin is a true legend and an inspiration for millions across our country. With this brand film, we have shared one of the life-changing moments of Sachin’s life wherein he was faced with a difficult choice,” Gupta said. He added:

“We are happy to see that our entire campaign has struck a chord with everyone. It is our humble endeavour to inspire people to make the right choices in life irrespective of how difficult they might seem.

“The theme fits well with our fantasy sports game as well which requires users to have in-depth know-how and research of the game and players and make strategic choices while making their team.”