Vigtory Partners with The Action Network to Bring Data Analysis to Betting


It’s the season for sports betting, with the launch of the new English Premier League season, the return of the National Football League and heaps more huge sporting occasions now back to bet on.

With the return of popular sports to bet on comes a swathe of new and existing betting hubs, but one that stands out as being different to the usual is Bet Vigtory. Just two days ago, Bet Vigtory partnered with The Action Network, who are a major source for sportsbetting news and the latest data analytics.

So how does betting on Bet Vigtory differ from your previous favourite betting app? Well, The Action Network partnership promises to grow the Bet Vigtory portfolio from October when it is launched, with a range of new premium betting products available to investors. There’s also the promise of the lowest price on the market, something that bettors always love.

With an absence of big margins on investments and hidden fees, it’s down to betting, just the way sports fans like it. Plus, there are a lot more data streams to analyse these days. Sam Rattner, founder and Co-CEO of Vigtory, is looking forward to the partnership.

“From the product team all the way up the executive chain, The Action Network is a group of talented people on a quest to build a spectacular platform for the U.S. sports bettor, and we can’t wait to collaborate with them while providing their community with the best possible sports betting experience,” he said. “Many sportsbook operators are announcing wide-canaster media partnerships or ‘free-to-play’ conversion plays, but our vision has always been focused on establishing partnerships that improve consumer experiences. We have certainly found that with Action.” 

For their part, The Action Network will focus on the organic increase in fan engagement, mutually driving activity across both platforms, with their premium products integrating on Vigtory from next month. With their professional betting systems, proprietary projection tools (including lines and player prop bets), their valuable data will help bettors invest more wisely in what’s offered on Vigtory.

Ari Borod, the Chief Commercial Officer of The Action Network, thinks the move will benefits fans of both companies.

“We could not be more excited for our partnership with Vigtory”, he said. “The common vision we share to create a state-of-the-art customer experience, providing extensive access to betting data to help consumers make more meaningful decisions. Vigtory’s focus on product innovation combined with our industry- leading content is exactly the type of deeply-integrated partnership we strive to bring to our audience.” 

“Vigtory is laser-focused on consumer experiences pertaining to product, price and VIP loyalty,” adds Vigtory Co-CEO, Scott Butera. “Not only is The Action Network a strategic media partner for Vigtory given their superior content and consumer product, but it was clear to us from the beginning that the company pillars shaping The Action Network are a carbon copy of those pillars that drive us to here at Vigtory each day.” 

It seems like exciting times are right around for the two companies as they work to improve the individual sportsbettor’s experience and growing need for data to base their bets on.