Businesses turning to blockchain as a defense against hackers


Bitcoin was designed to not only be a fast and cheap digital currency, but also to be very safe to use. The blockchain technology it relies on is increasingly becoming the solution for enterprises as they look to secure themselves from digital attacks.

businesses-turning-to-blockchain-as-a-defense-against-hackersThe Nikkei Asian Review reports the global blockchain market continues to grow despite the pandemic, fueled by industries looking for safety from hackers. The market as a whole to $15.88 billion by 2023, representing annual growth of over 91%.

“More companies should adopt blockchain after the pandemic,” said Tomohiro Maruyama, senior manager of PwC Consulting. As more people go online for all of their every day needs, organizations know they need the safety of blockchain technology to guard against scams and attacks.

“Internet piracy has posed a major challenge for companies as they look to digitize operations,” Maruyama said, pointing to how easy it is for hackers to cover their tracks if a blockchain isn’t present. “Blockchain emerged as a solution for fighting digital counterfeits, pushing businesses to adopt the technology.”

Bitcoin SV has been designed for just this purpose. Blockchain technology keeps a perfectly auditable trail of changes, and the cryptographic core of the code naturally defends against all current day forms of hacking. The only known technology that could eventually crack it is Quantum Computing, and that technology has no practical applications at the moment.

So hackers can’t crack Bitcoin SV, and even if they could, the blockchain and distributed ledger would prevent them from making any real changes.

This makes it an appealing technology for online gambling operators, who can prove that their books are without any corruption from outside sources to their regulators. Combine that with Bitcoin SV’s massively scaling block sizes, and operators have the fastest and cheapest digital currency solution for their transactions and data transmission needs.

If you’re organization is considering adopting Bitcoin SV for either of those purposes, we have a Bitcoin for Gambling resource section with many more reasons for why it would benefit you.