Innovation is key according to Kindred Group’s Cristiano Blanco

innovation-is-key-according-to-kindred-groups-cristiano-blancosInnovation remains the key focus for the online gaming industry for the foreseeable future according to Cristiano Blanco, the Head of Gaming for the Kindred Group. An industry veteran, Blanco took some time out to speak with our very own Becky Liggero Fontana about some of the innovations that the industry can expect to see in the B2B and B2C marketplace.

According to Blanco, there’s a huge difference in the innovation for both customers and the business side of the gaming industry. “There’s a huge difference between the B2B and the B2C business,” he said. “When it comes to the B2B business innovation is about being different from their competitors and support the industry to grow. That’s exactly what is happening for the B2B.”

Blanco believes that B2C gaming operators are leaving the innovation side of the business to B2B because of regulation:

“I know exactly why the B2C businesses are delegating innovation to the B2B and they’re very valid. As operators, we are facing a lot of issues when it comes to new regulations and the never-ending problem of the lack of resources. It’s a big challenge for us so we have very valid reasons not to do this.

“If you look long term this is not a sustainable solution, we are competing in the entertainment industry. We are competing for the free time of players and we need an innovative product to compete with other industries. We are way behind in innovation and we need a big wake-up call in my opinion.”

Kindred has been doing its best, and Blanco wasn’t shy to brag about it. “We have undertaken some big steps and from what I know is that we are the only company that is really doing it. I think this is a massive step for Kindred.”

Blanco remains passionate in pushing the boundaries of product innovation at Kindred, and despite the onset of changing regulations in the gaming industry, he believes preparation is key. “We need to structure ourselves to be able to support these changes in the industry. From a resources point of view without influencers influencing the product roadmap.”

In the full interview, Blanco goes onto to offer advice on how operators can become proactive in addressing gaming innovations for B2B and B2C business in 2020. Be sure to subscribe to YouTube channel to see every interview we make as it goes up.