Erwin Dickman is optimistic about the gambling industry’s future


erwin-dickman-is-optimistic-about-the-gambling-industrys-future-While the majority of the casino and gaming industry remains paralysed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Erwin Dickman remains the eternal optimist. The Market Manager for Asia Live Tech predicts that big brand casinos will be able to leverage the digital era and the new normal to open up opportunities in unexplored markets. Dickman took some time out to give our own Beck Liggero Fontana a glimpse into an exciting future.

Despite the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the industry, Dickman believes there’s an opportunity for land-based casinos to expand into the live tables and live casino market. “Land-based casinos need to start ever-evolving,” he said. “A change we didn’t know that would come so soon but it has to happen now. That’s why we are saying that AI gaming is the way to go. Digital gaming has been booming since COVID-19 began. We don’t want to see our ideal land-based casinos go down. We want to see all the big brands continue in this new space, which is the digital element.”

Dickman elaborated further on the opportunities for the branded tables to make the shift to the digital space. “It’s about how you are going to implement your current land-based tables, implementing a land-based casino system. Implement a ticket online so you can all have your own products,” he said, adding:

“We have seen big brands and live dealer studios come up in the market. There are quite a number now. Imagine a day you’ll see live tables from MGM going live and you can play right from your home. It just takes one casino from Las Vegas or in a different country to create that vertical opportunity.”

With the shift into the digital world, Dickman believes that regulators will need to move with the technology and adopt new rules for land-based casinos. “Things will be different, and regulatory bodies will have to look into different policies that adapt to the changing world,” he said. “They have to look at how to want to mitigate the risks and how they want to avoid exploitation. I believe more regulations are going to come which is a good thing. We’ll have a more stable gaming industry in a digital element which is beneficial for everyone.”

In the full interview, Dickman goes onto explain that adoption and education will be crucial in capturing the attention of the older generation in the digital gaming market. And don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel to see every interview we make as it goes up.