Rocket League changes championship structure to open events


rocket-league-championshipA new Rocket League Championship Series has been announced, with $4.5 million in prizes on offer in a more open event series than ever before.

With nine seasons of the Rocket League having taken place so far, the all-new RLCS will award more than £3.6 million in prizes and build up to a climax at the Rocket League World Championship event to close the series. Christened RLCSX, the new points-based structure will see live events offered on a more flexible basis to allow for the global COVID-19 pandemic, with the toll of Coronavirus still felt in the Esports world.

With a live event hosted by Psyonix biannually in the past, this season’s format will still welcome gamers from the whole world, with the World Championship cancelled earlier during the pandemic, so with the RLCSX now splitting into three sections, there will be three regional events taking place in Fall, Winter and Spring, there will be 18 events in total. These will take place in Europe and North America, with confirmation still being expected for the Oceania and South American regions to come.

With 16 teams playing in the finale at the end of the Rocket League World Championship season, there will be a whopping $1 million on offer during the competition.

The opening Fall season kicks off on August 1st, with RLCS Season 9 qualifiers being carried over, and Rival Series teams being seeded into the Day 3 competition to qualify. Each week, there will be extra competition for players taking place in RLCS: The Grid, and with a new level of competition feeding into the main event via The Field, the growth of Rocket League is there for all to see.

One of the most popular Esports to bet on, Rocket League is sure to attract plenty of attention from sports bettors when it comes to the RLCSX. Such a money-making World Championship bleeds through to the players and more open events for the pros to play in means more individual games for bettors to wager on.

With that in mind, the expansion or changes that have been made to the Rocket League Championship all look to be positive ones and we’ll be looking forward to the amended Word Championship with high hopes and a willing wager account open on the Esports section of our favourite sportsbetting app.