Degree 53 founder launches new gambling technology business Sharp Gaming


Degree 53 founder, Andrew Daniels, has launched a brand new gambling technology business, Sharp Gaming. Sharp Gaming is an advanced platform which provides a full suite of operational services for sports betting and gaming businesses worldwide.

degree-53-founder-launches-new-gambling-technology-business-sharp-gamingAndrew Daniels will take the role as the Chief Executive Officer at Sharp Gaming, stepping away from the day-to-day running of Degree 53. Andrew has appointed Richard Wagstaff as the new Managing Director at Degree 53, who has been supporting the team as Operations Director for the past four years. However, Andrew will still remain a director and shareholder at Degree 53.

Andrew Daniels received over £25m investment from the U.K. leading bookmaker owner, Fred Done, to create Sharp Gaming. The business stems from Degree 53, capitalising on the company’s vast knowledge of creating digital products for the online gambling industry.

In 2017, Degree 53 created a gaming division, which began the process of building the basis and recruiting specialists for Sharp Gaming. During this time, the new company has employed over 100 technology experts to support the large scale of work necessary to build the platform. Sharp Gaming continues to develop the technology suite and is currently trialling its capabilities on a test product. Once fully operational, it will offer extensive functionality to create digital and retail products, integrating third-party services, as well as improving the overall performance for operators.

At the same time, Degree 53 has been going strong, supporting existing clients and winning new business in gaming, finance, travel, utilities and wellbeing industries. The team have successfully created digital products for Hong Kong Jockey Club, French National Lottery (FDJ) and GBG, as well as continuing its partnership with Betfred. Degree 53 works with clients all over Europe, North America, Asia and the Caribbean, which is a testament to the team’s understanding of digital experiences on a global scale.

Andrew Daniels, Chief Executive Officer at Sharp Gaming comments: “The online gambling industry works on various legacy technology and white label platforms that lack flexibility for operators when they’re ready to scale up. This is why I created Sharp Gaming to help leading brands to improve their processes, and provide products that not only offer a great experience to their customers, but the end users in the business too.”

“Despite the current situation, I’m very excited to be launching Sharp Gaming and developing it into an industry-leading platform. The team’s effort to bring it to life and continue working on it remotely has been phenomenal. There are many more projects ahead and it’s only the beginning for us. I am also very happy to be leaving Degree 53 in the capable hands of Rich Wagstaff, who has been successfully running the business while I’ve been focusing on the platform.”

degree-53-founder-launches-new-gambling-technology-business-sharp-gaming.Richard Wagstaff, Managing Director at Degree 53 shares: “I am delighted to be stepping up to lead Degree 53. We have a talented team who are delivering amazing work for our clients. Our reputation for delivering complex, secure digital solutions in a way that delights end users has enabled us to produce high-quality work across a range of sectors. My focus will be on growing our reach, strengthening client relationships, and helping to improve their products and services through our expertise.”

The official launch of Sharp Gaming means that it will begin operating as a separate business, moving its employees over from Degree 53, including some of the directors. Both businesses will continue to operate from the same office and will work together across common projects.

About Sharp Gaming

Sharp Gaming is a new business on a mission to build a revolutionary technology platform for the global gambling industry. The platform is aimed at online and retail operators, covering sports betting and gaming services across different jurisdictions. Built with state-of-the-art, cloud-ready architecture, the platform will allow for extensive flexibility and scalability for operators to build robust gambling products to suit their needs.

About Degree 53

Degree 53 is an award-winning digital company, specialising in bespoke web and mobile solutions, as well as UX, design and consultancy services. Degree 53 services a number of industries, including online gambling, sports, finance, travel, retail and education. Its project portfolio includes bespoke online gambling platforms, financial services systems, travel, sports and education mobile apps and more. Degree 53 aims to improve the digital experience for its clients and their customers. More information can be found at