Kim John Un successor odds: Who steps up if he falls down?


You don’t want to make a habit out of betting on someone’s untimely demise, but in the case of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, I think we can all agree that it’s fair to make an exception. With the current status of the leader in doubt, and many speculating that he’s either died or fallen seriously ill, Bodog has put out a line on who his successor would be.

kim-john-un-successor-odds-who-steps-up-if-he-falls-downAssuming Kim Jong Un is replaced as supreme leader of North Korea before January 1, 2022, Bodog has odds on more than 7 of his potential successors. Since very little is known about how the Hermit Kingdom will chose its next leader, there’s a lot of fun speculation to be had.

Leading the packing is his sister, Kim Yo Jong (-125). The youngest daughter of Kim Jong-Il, Yo Jong is formally Vice Director of the ruling party, and the unofficial chief of staff. She seems to be in a great position to slide into the role based on her family lineage, only being potentially held back as being a female heir. North Korea is apparently still a very male dominated society, which is unlike the rest of the world, I guess?

If not her, then his uncle, Kim Pyong Il (+150), could be a likely choice. He’d have to be brought out of house arrest, but he is a loyal male member of the Kim family, and that means something.

After that, we have Choe Ryong Hae (+800), the nominal head of state, and Pak Pong Ju, a Politburo member (+800). These two party elders will be influential one way or another, but it would be a pretty big shock if either of them got the job.

Why is Kim Jong Chol (+1500), the older brother, not a favorite? He apparently prefers the quiet life, playing music in the country side. He’d have to be forced into the role, which doesn’t seem out of the question.

The longshots here are any of the supreme leader’s offspring (+3300), who we don’t know much about other than they’re still pretty young, and his aunt Kim Kyong Hui (+3300). Kyong Hui is 73, and has been out of the spotlight since the supreme leader killed her husband in 2013. I wouldn’t bet on her.

Who Will Replace Kim Jong Un As Supreme Leader Of North Korea?

Kim Yo Jong (Sister)                                     -125

Kim Pyong Il (Uncle)                                    +150

Choe Ryong Hae (Party Elder)                    +800

Pak Pong Ju (Party Elder)                            +800

Kim Jong Chol (Older Brother)                   +1500

Any One Of Kim Jung Un’s Offspring       +3300

Kim Kyong Hui (Aunt)                                 +3300

All wagers have action. If Kim Jung Un remains the supreme leader of North Korea by Jan 1, 2022 then all wagers will be deemed void. Any wagers placed after news becomes public knowledge will be deemed void.