New poker show 2020 Hindsight launches on PokerGO


With the news that the 2020 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas has been postponed until Autumn at the very earliest, fans needing their fix of WSOP Main Event action will be happy to know that a new show featuring archive WSOP action starts today.

new-poker-show-2020-hindsight-launches-on-pokergoPoker Central and PokerGO are bringing poker fans up to date with some recent yet classic WSOP final tables, with the added bonus of some insight from one of the popular players of the GTO era, Matt Berkey.

The announcement that six of the most exciting WSOP Main Event final tables are to be featured in the 2020 Hindsight series will fill fans with cheer in these times of isolation.  The premiere of the series takes place tonight, on Tuesday April 21st with the broadcast of the 2010 WSOP Main Event final table that ended with Jonathan Duhamel outlasting superstars such as heads-up opponent John Racener, ‘The Grinder’, a.k.a. Michael Mizrachi and everyone’s favourite poker hero Joseph Cheong.

There’ll be a new episode released every week for the next six weeks, and with each episode clocking in at around 40 minutes, it’s the perfect length for casual fans and hardcore poker watchers alike to enjoy.

J.R. McCabe, the CBO at Poker Central, spoke about the fact that many PokerGO viewers have a vested interest in the game of poker.

“Our viewers are not only fans of the game of poker, but oftentimes, players themselves,” he said. “This new series will provide teachable moments to sharpen individual gameplay, all while reliving some of the most iconic WSOP hands.”

The inclusion of Matt Berkey as a poker analyst is a strong move. Berkey is as popular as he is respected in the industry right now and fits the current trend of GTO-opinion coupled with entertaining in-studio banter perfectly. Some of the analysis Berkey provides will be available to PokerGO viewers with a free tutorial download, another nice touch after the brand offered a free month of subscription to subscribers earlier last month.

Berkey himself can’t wait to get behind the mic and take a retrospective look back at the action from some of the WSOP Main Events of the recent past.

“This is a great forum for us to introduce advanced concepts to the masses. Understanding where mistakes were made on the biggest stage can be useful to players across all skill levels.”

We can’t wait to hear what messrs Mizrachi, Cheong and perhaps Duhamel himself think of Berkey’s flashback to the biggest poker event in the world that happened a decade ago.