Yelena Kensborn and’s blockchain approach


While many iGaming operators are trying to figure out how to make the jump to blockchain technology, others have fully immersed themselves in it. offers blockchain based games, and Head of PR and Community, Yelena Kensborn, joined our Becky Liggero Fontana to discuss the advantages of fully shifting over. isn’t just some small fry player, they are becoming an important force in the industry, and showed that by bringing football legend Roberto Carlos to SiGMA Malta. “We decided to bring him on board because we believe cryptocurrencies got the potential to change everything, and we chose this particular player because he represents the hope and dreams of change,” said Kensborn.

Liggero Fontana asked Kensborn to describe how their platform uses digital assets. “We are blockchain based casino, so when you play with lucky you actually part of the house,” she said. “Let’s say you’ve got a hundred tokens, you lose ten, and those go back into the pot, which you know, pot. And you get those five, or like, those ten that you lose, they go back into the economy. Because we believe that, you know, further down the line we’re gonna have less control from the centre where you have one casino taking money and everyone else losing, and instead we want to bring a system where, you know, everyone can potentially win and be a part of it. Game developers develop games, you know, validator is validating transactions, KYC [Know Your Customer] and all those things. When you bring people together and get them to be a part of it, you get the really amazing things happening.”

As we’ve noted plenty of times, blockchain technology was almost custom made for the purposes of gambling, and Kensborn was happy to spell that out. “Well first of all, we get the transparency,” she said. “Any player, when you play online, you don’t really that it’s fair. You don’t know the casino, you don’t know what’s happening, few people understand code. There is probably fair systems, but unless you’re like quite tech savvy, why should trust things? Blockchain doesn’t, it’s available for everyone to see that transactions are fair, that the value of the token is fair and is not controlled by one system.”