Sports gambling app maker Spiffbet debuts in Central America


Central and South America are about to get a new sports gambling solution, although its rollout might be slow at first. Spiffbet, a company out of Stockholm, Sweden that specializes in live-action sports gambling games, is teaming up with gaming software provider Panorama Gaming in a new deal that will see it grab a piece of the popular Latin American (LatAm) market. Panorama, based out of Costa Rica, will bring aboard Spiffbet’s entire portfolio of games.sports-gambling-app-maker-spiffbet-debuts-in-central-america

Spiffbet focuses on hybrid wagering content that can be used by casinos and sportsbooks. The company has three different brands, Spiffbet Casino, STHLM Gaming Sweden (STHLMGAMING) and Spiffbet Sports, and the new partnership gives the company another step into LatAm, as well as the possibility for additional expansion into Asia. The company’s CEO, Henrik Svensson, said in a statement, “It is with great excitement that we look forward to delivering games to Panorama Gaming, which operates both in Latin America and where we have the ambition to grow, and in Asia, which includes several large gaming markets where we have not yet tested our games.”

Panorama has been around for a number of years in the LatAm market, and develops gaming solutions and software for online and retail operations. The company covers many aspects of the gaming industry, including sports gambling, live and virtual casinos and more. Jose Pablo Mesen, Panorama’s chief operating officer, adds, “Spiffbet has an interesting offering of its own games and games from other studios that fit into our casino gaming offer. We are keen to begin the integration of the games and start distribution.”

This newest partnership is just the latest for the Swedish company in recent months. About a week ago, it signed an agreement with B2B gaming provider Relax Gaming that extended the current relationship between Relax and Spiffbet subsidiary STHLMGAMING. That arrangement will see Relax offer to more of its geographic footprint, and the company’s chief product officer, Simon Hammon, explained, “We at Relax are very pleased to expand the relationship with Spiffbet / STHLMG and enter new markets under Relax’s innovative Silverbullet program. Relax continues together with its innovative partners to push boundaries in both game design and distribution.”

Prior to that, at the end of February, Spiffbet joined forces with Betconstruct to take its sports gambling operations to Apuesta Total in Peru. Spiffbet will initially offer its Take5, ArenaLive and Timebe products, with additional offerings added as the partnership develops.