More casino operators help coronavirus containment efforts


Contributions from casino operators covering the Asian region, and especially Macau, continue to pour in.  The latest, after Galaxy Entertainment and SJM announced their initiatives this week, come from Sands China and MGM China, both of which are ready to do what they can to help the area rebound as quickly as possible.  With now over 600 reported deaths and possibly more than 30,000 infected worldwide, containing any further spread is vital for Macau’s recovery.more-casino-operators-ready-to-help-coronavirus-containment-efforts

Sands China is ready to give MOP$25 million ($3.125 million), working with the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in Macau.  This will be broken down into two contributions, with MOP$20 million ($2.5 million) going for efforts on the mainland to contain the virus, and MOP$5 million ($625,000) to the local community in Macau.  Company chairman and CEO Sheldon Adelson adds in a press statement, “Las Vegas Sands has always considered it an honor to do business in Macau, while at the same time recognizing and embracing our important role as a community partner, especially in challenging times such as these.  We strongly support Macau and mainland China in their efforts to contain the Coronavirus and protect their citizens. It’s been our experience that people in Macau and mainland China are strong and resilient and those traits will undoubtedly be needed in the days to come. We will certainly do everything we can to help return things to normal as quickly as possible.”

MGM China is ready to assist, as well, providing MOP$20 million for the efforts.  The financial contribution will be used to purchase medical supplies and other equipment to help stop the virus from spreading, and co-chair and executive director Pansy Ho adds, “Now is the most critical time for our nation in fighting against this Coronavirus epidemic battle, we shall always be true to our aspiration, and lend a helping hand to the people in conquering the epidemic together.  We would like to express our gratitude for the tireless and selfless effort of the medical professionals, who have been protecting the lives of our people, especially the ones at the frontline of Hubei province. We would also like to express our sincere condolence to the families affected by the epidemic.”

With these new donations, the local gaming industry has contributed almost $11.25 million to assist China and Macau as they work diligently to control the coronavirus.  While some feel that the response has been blown out of proportion, the ease with which the virus has been able to spread would indicate that, if the measures hadn’t been taken, the results could have been much worse.