OJ Simpson, Cosmopolitan Casino prepare to face off in court


OJ Simpson isn’t happy with the treatment he has received by The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. More specifically, he’s upset with the casino for having incorrectly stated that, during a November 2017 visit, he was “drunk and disruptive,” according to information that was leaked to celebrity tattle site TMZ. His inebriated state was the excuse given by the casino for not letting him get beyond the lobby on that attempted visit, but Simpson asserts that it was a complete fabrication to cover up The Cosmopolitan’s racial discrimination. In order to try to get to the bottom of the ordeal, the two sides will now face off in court after attempts to work out a private settlement failed.

oj-simpson-cosmopolitan-casino-prepare-to-face-off-in-courtThe 72-year-old former NFL star, known to many as The Juice, is suing The Cosmo for defamation. He asserts that someone at the casino, or perhaps multiple individuals, told TMZ that he was blitzed when he tried to visit the gambling house and had to be refused entry. However Simpson claims he was not drunk and was a victim of discrimination by the casino, and he says he has the evidence to back up his claims.

Simpson, who stood trial for killing his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, before being found not guilty, resides in Las Vegas. Later, he was involved in an incident involving an attempt to recuperate some of his football memorabilia with a heavy hand – he was charged with kidnapping and robbery after having held hostage the individual who had the items in his possession. For those crimes, he served over nine years in prison.

He was fresh out of jail when he visited The Cosmo in 2017, having enjoyed his freedom for only about a month. A day after the incident occurred, and in accordance with the conditions of his parole, Simpson took drug and alcohol tests at the Nevada Department of Parole and Probation and passed both with flying colors. As a result, it became apparent that he could not have been “smashed” the night before as The Cosmo had asserted.

Possibly sensing that a visit to the courts might not pay off, The Cosmo decided to try and negotiate a financial settlement with Simpson. However, the casino’s lawyers haven’t done a great job in trying to appeal for leniency. They assert that Simpson can’t sue for defamation because he can’t be defamed – his reputation had already suffered completely because of the past incidents. Malcom LaVergne, Simpson’s lawyer, didn’t appreciate this tactic and counters, “What are they saying? Anyone can do anything and say anything against him?”

A pretrial judge said on January 27 that the case will move on and the two sides can air their differences in a courtroom. Simpson wants $30,000 and punitive damages from The Cosmo.