Quarter4 excited to pitch sports prediction platform at ICE London 2020


The expanding sports betting market is going to be a big focus of ICE London 2020, less than two weeks away from kicking off. Operators attending the conference might be looking for the right technology partner to have an edge in this area, and Quarter4 has announced they’ll be there to pitch their product.

Quarter4 has a cutting edge, artificial intelligence and machine learning driven prediction platform. At ICE, the company will be delivering a 15 minute pitch to showcase how their product could help gamblers, analysts and even bookies to better predict spots metrics, and improve their odds of bringing in a profit.

quarter4-excited-to-pitch-sports-prediction-platform-at-ice-london-2020“This is such an exciting opportunity for our rapidly growing company,” said Kelly Brooks, CEO, President and co-founder of Quarter4 in their press release. “The evolution of sports betting in North America and across the world is opening up a new frontier for startups in the space and Quarter4 will be at the forefront of this digital transformation.”

“Our innovative, data driven formula is sure to maximize users’ earnings by allowing them to place more informed bets,” said Danijela Covic, Chief Sales Officer and co-founder of Quarter4. “Encouraged by the support of ICE London and Clarion Gaming, we are confident that Quarter4 will be the go-to sports prediction platform for millions of fantasy players and bettors worldwide.”

Pitch ICE, the venue where Quarter 4 will be providing their demonstration, will have 20 total companies showing off their products and services. For the 35,000 conference attendees who are looking for the newest, hot thing in the gaming industry, this could be the place to find it, and Quarter 4 is hoping it might be them.

The service is already available as a website and iOS app, allowing gamblers and fantasy users to sign up for NBA data, with NCAA data expected to launch soon. It doesn’t offer betting services, but it does provide information to allow gamblers decide their bets on individual or team performances, with data on moneylines, totals, spreads, and head-to-heads.

Ewa Bakun, Clarion Gaming’s content strategist, was happy to invite Quarter 4 to ICE. “We are very impressed by Quarter4’s unique offering and the opportunities it provides to both investors and members of the Gaming community and look forward to watching this company revolutionize the sports betting industry,” she said.

If you want to check out Quarter4 at ICE London 2020, it’s still not too late to register. Check out the conference’s website and consider registering for free.