Las Vegas casino caught up in Kevin Hart sex tape scandal

Las Vegas casino caught up in sex tape scandal involving Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart, the comedian and actor who just recently suffered major back injuries in a car crash, is being sued over sex. Specifically, over a sex tape that he made with a model and which subsequently, somehow, made its way to the Internet. Model Montia Sabbag is suing for $60 million, and the case just got a little more interesting as she is now holding the Cosmopolitan casino in Las Vegas responsible, as well.

Las Vegas casino caught up in sex tape scandal involving Kevin HartThe incident goes back to 2017 when the video first made it to the virtual airwaves. At the time, someone close to Hart, Jonathan Todd Jackson, was said to have filmed Hart and Sabbag in a hotel room at the Cosmopolitan. Afterwards, he allegedly tried to extort money from Hart in exchange for the video being kept secret, but Hart refused and the video was released.

Sabbag was even accused of being involved in the plot, explaining in a press conference that year, “My pictures and my name have been released with lies written about me. I am not an extortionist. I am not a stripper. I am a recording artist and an actress, and I have not broken any laws.”

The tables are turning now with Sabbag’s lawsuit against Hart. She is accusing him and Jackson of orchestrating the video as a publicity stunt and is suing for negligence, invasion of privacy and emotional distress.

Perhaps thinking that the inclusion of a high-profile gambling operation would help swing the case in her favor, the model has now added the Cosmopolitan to the list. The venue’s connection is tenuous, at best, and the model’s suit claims that it is “negligently or intentionally” liable because it allowed Jackson into Hart’s hotel room.

As ridiculous as the charge may be, Sabbag has some big guns on her side. Defending her is Lisa Bloom, a well-known lawyer who went after now-deceased billionaire and reported pedophile Jeffrey Epstein on behalf of two of his victims. Additionally, she represented one victim who allegedly fell to the whims of the founder and former CEO of Wynn Resorts, Steve Wynn.

The Cosmopolitan has had to deal with several PR nightmares over the past couple of years. A number of well-known celebrities have been busted for alleged cheating and stealing from the casino and, after Rapper Meek Mill was refused entry into the property this past May, Cosmo was forced to put its PR team in overdrive in order to prevent any additional fallout.