Casinomeister’s Social Groups

Casinomeister’s Social Groups

Casinomeister’s forum, the largest and most active community of seasoned online gamblers on the planet, has just been expanded to include non-gambling discussions and social groups. This expansion of Casinomeister’s forum will deepen the connection between its members by allowing them to develop and create groups with non-gambling interests.

Casinomeister’s Social GroupsThe following groups are already established giving the members of Casinomeister’s forum access to these non-gambling discussions:

• A group for our LGBT members – both public and private
• Several groups about photography (landscape, portrait, astrophotography and more)
• Pets
• Cinema
• Beer and more beer!
• Oh Canada!
• Svenska
• Strictly movies
• Health and Wellness
• All this and more

This is only the beginning. Senior members can create and control these groups – they can invite their friends to participate, make them private or for public consumption.

Bryan Bailey, director of Casinomeister, stated, “I have always felt that Facebook and other social media sites were our biggest competitors. These Casinomeister social groups allow our members to share their non-gambling related interests and hobbies, and this will underscore the importance of a true community. We have amazing members with diverse and fascinating backgrounds. Life is not all about gambling.”

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