Becky’s Affiliated: The story behind Dowling’s move to boutique supplier Singular

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The online gambling industry is made up of such a special collection of people, especially those who have been around since the mid 2000s. Comradery, war stories, sharing of knowledge, journeys through sudden regulation changes, technological advances, travels around the world…all of these things and more we’ve been through together. What’s more, all these years of experience and support help shape the most talented individuals in our space and Rob Dowling of Singular is one of them.

beckys-affiliated-the-story-behind-dowlings-move-to-boutique-supplier-singularDowling was first exposed to the gaming industry in 2006 while he was running one of Malta’s most exclusive night spots. In this capacity, he organized several gaming events, sparking his flair for B2B sales in the space and leading him to senior sales roles with gaming industry leaders. His recent appointment as chief commercial officer of B2B supplier Singular made headlines across trade publications, with so many industry friends posting and re-posting the news throughout social media.

As soon as I saw the news, I thought to myself, who are Singular? I’ve known Dowling for years and was curious to learn more about the role he’d accepted, the company he now works for and what his plans are for expansion.

Becky Liggero: Congrats on the big news, Rob! Lets begin with how you came across this opportunity with Singular. Why did you choose them?

Rob Dowling: Singular contacted me some time ago asking if I would be interested in the role, and frankly I was not really sure who they were and what they did, however after meeting the founders over a few dinners, and a full product demo, I realized that this is a company I really wanted to represent.

Apart from the core company values, I saw a very broad product that was clean in design, functional and scalable to levels I had not heard of before. I believe that a true sales man is only as good as the machine behind them, so here I am.

BL: Congrats again and I think you’re going to do an amazing job putting Singular on the map. Let’s dive into some background. Singular is headquartered in Malta, you are Maltese and live in Malta…can you share your thoughts on where Malta sits as an iGaming hub & influencer these days?

RD: The iGaming sector in Malta has been growing for over 15 years and I am confident to say that today it’s positioned as the iGaming ub. The supportive regulatory environment is only one side of this success story.

Malta has created a unique eco-system offering a high-quality network of leading gaming companies and professionals. Malta can supply all the essentials for growing a successful iGaming business from experienced online payment processors, security auditors, gaming software developers to affiliate management companies and gaming law firms and accountants. This creates a diverse workforce attracting experts from all corners of the globe which only further enhances the attractiveness of Malta since multi-cultural staff is crucial to businesses leveraging localization as a strategy to enter newly-regulated markets.

Finally, the cherry would also have to be Malta’s Location and incredible blue seas as an ideal back drop to all of that that work here.

BL: Well I guess this explains why you’ll be having a big presence at SiGMA 2019. So tell us, with so many B2B suppliers in our space, what is special about Singular’s offering? What makes their products stand out?

RD: Singular is an established iGaming software supplier providing solutions across all verticals, including a comprehensive Gaming platform, Sportsbook with innovative management and unique features, Live Casino with immersive playing mode, and omnichannel solutions.

But, the differentiating factor is their tailored approach.

Singular creates flexible and scalable solutions customized to the specific needs of each operator. There is no one-size-fits all. The individual approach creates a personalized experience and generates added value for each operator. Singular manages to deliver this thanks to a team with high technological expertise. They continuously innovate the products coming up with creative solutions that address markets’ challenges and operators’ requirements.

BL: With such a solid offering behind it, we know Singular has big plans to increase its global presence, especially with your help. Can you share with us what markets are you eyeing in particular and why?

RD: Singular is currently present in Europe, LATAM, and Africa and CIS Markets. I believe, there is still great untapped potential in Africa given the surge of the online market. These geographic regions continue to be our target together with Eastern Asia.

beckys-affiliated-the-story-behind-dowlings-move-to-boutique-supplier-singular2We are also paying attention to developments in the U.S. market. The U.S. players have specific requirements and demands which differ significantly from the audience in Europe or even in Africa or Asia. This makes the market that much more attractive since it gives us inspiration for further innovation of our solutions.

I know it’s a little generic, however with offices around the globe we believe that through localization we can understand the different requirements our country partners have.

BL: Without revealing too many secrets of the trade, what are your plans for achieving this expansion? What’s your plan of attack? How will you educate operators on your special offerings?

RD: Each market has some unique characteristics, opportunities, and limitations. Singular’s core strength is its flexibility and the art of customization through innovation.

The modular architecture of the solutions gives Singular an edge over the competition by delivering custom experience via various models starting with our segmentation engine and continuing with our CRM.

The ultimate goal is to position Singular as the bespoke boutique brand for tier one operators.

BL: Excellent Rob, sounds like exciting times on your side for sure. Let’s throw in a little HR Q before singing off…what tips do you have for iGaming professionals who are looking to make a change and land a C-level role like you’ve just done? Do you have any advice for companies who are looking to secure top talent like yourself?

RD: I would give the same advice to both. Passion. A passion to be innovative and different, a passion that lets you enjoy what you do and how you do it, a passion to strive to be unique, to be Singular…


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