Midsummer Networking Social 2019 recap

Asia Gaming Brief has once again produced a successful industry event in Asia through its recent networking party held in Manila, capital city of the Philippines.

On a busy Friday night, the Midsummer Networking Social gathered over 200 industry executives in an upscale bar in Makati and has welcomed guests with overflowing drinks and canapés, and upbeat music, as usual. Its floors went buzzing for hours with mixed groups of energy balls and put-together personalities catching up, laughing, and casually talking business while holding a glass or two of alcoholic drinks.

“The vibe is very vibrant, very dynamic and (there is) a lot of business going on in the place,” said Raul Villanueva of Telstra, one of the evening’s sponsors. He also shared how valuable participating in this event for their company is, saying, “You get to meet the movers and the shakers of the industry.” He added, “The online gaming business continues to grow here in the Philippines. The market is growing and we’re lucky to enjoy that growth.”

Manila being Southeast Asia’s leading gaming and entertainment mecca is the perfect host for this kind of industry events. With a plethora of gaming companies that have planted its roots and extended its branches in the city, it was no surprise to see a good combination of personalities from different sectors in the field—online gambling and land-based casino operators, suppliers, vendors, affiliates, developers and more—attending and enjoying the night. “Everything is really good. It’s great to be here again. It’s great to see all the familiar faces. I think the gaming (industry) is going faster and faster here in Manila,” shared Kai Tzuk of Toptrend.

As 2019 entered the second half of the year, attendees shared their insights on the movements and changes happening not only in Manila but also in the region’s gaming space.

“A lot of our clients in Manila (they) are all expanding overall in Asia especially in Taiwan,” said Ellen Fjörd of Smart Consulting, a headhunting firm. She also shared that they are now looking for a Researcher/Marketer to be on ground to cater to this growth and opportunity, in addition to a recruiter already based in Taiwan.

When asked about what’s exciting in Asia scene this year, gaming consultant Jon Casuncad shared the shift of companies focus from China to other territories like Japan and Korea. “I think five years from now, that is where the real money is going to be because China is just way too complicated,” Casuncad predicted.

Organizer and AGB Managing Partner Ros Wade also mentioned their new event venture in Asia. The Mekong Gaming Summit will be held in the city of Phnom Penh from September 10-12, and will focus on the Southeast Asian region.