Betstudios’ pick: 5 Top features of any great sportsbook

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As leading providers of sports and betting software, we at Betstudios know the difference a good sportsbook (that’s made with high quality software) can make in making your brand stand out from the crowd. Here are a few essential features that good sportsbooks have in common.

betstudios-pick-5-top-features-of-any-great-sportsbook1. Great Customer Service

This feature is an absolute must and should ideally operate 24/7 to make it available for users living in different time zones. Having well-trained customer agents is crucial; not only does good customer support add an element of trust among new visitors to your site, it retains loyal and existing players.

 2. Customisable & Flexible

A customised web design is one of the most important features of any sportsbook, as it enables operators to modify their frontend whichever way they like. This allows for full flexibility in creating a brand that’s unique and attracts its target audience. At Betstudios, customisation has been one of our key components from the start, which has steered us in the direction of offering our clients full flexibility.

3. Mobile Device Compatibility

Due to the tremendous growth of mobile internet, mobile gaming is fast becoming one of the top trends of iGaming. Therefore, since online gamblers nowadays expect easy access to place bets wherever they are, a company’s sportsbook must be developed to be compatible to various mobile devices, such as tablets and mobile phones.

4. Easy Navigation

Aside from great graphics and visually-appealing aesthetics, a good sportsbook must be user-friendly and easy to navigate to cater for your target audience’s age range.

5. Multi-language and Currency Options

Offering multi-lingual features and accepting all major currencies makes players feel at ease when betting, while having a wide range of payment methods is also important to ensure players across the globe have a hassle-free experience when funding their bets. This ultimately leads to the increase in generation of money for the company.

Betstudios’ sportsbook has been designed with all the above-mentioned top features in mind that will both attract and retain players, thus taking any iGaming company to the next level.


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