Filip Lysikowski of MaxTraffic: Make a connection with your players

Conversion is a big deal of online gambling operators. Once the player is on the site, you want to make the experience as clear and easy as possible to get them signed up and playing. Filip Lysikowski, head of marketing for the conversion optimization platform MaxTraffic, recently joined’s Stephanie Tower to discuss the dos and don’ts of player conversion.

The first trick, Lysikowksi says, is getting the player’s interest, and fast. “Everything is about the first impression,” he says, “the first click, everything has to be now, everything has to be immediately.”

That’s not easy though. If the player has any chance to become distracted, the conversion might be lost. The trick is to get them started before they know what they’re signing up for. “We like to get them to convert before they even had a chance to check what you got,” Lysikowski says. “It’s like going on a blind date, let’s say. It’s like, ‘Are you interested? In what? Doesn’t matter, are you interested?’ And when you get them first, when you get the connection with them, then you can show them more.”

A big lesson Lysikowski has for marketers is to stay at the bleeding edge of tactics, because users become immune to old tricks. “In this era that everybody knows about spam, and everybody knows about Facebook, you need to find new ways to get this sneaky little effect on a customer before they realize,” he says.

MaxTraffic’s head of marketing had three easy tips to help sites with conversion:

“Tip number 1, use web push notifications. This is a brand new channel that allows you to convert before the person even goes to the content on your site. It’s not going to be a huge amount, but its immediately valuable to have the connection.

“Tip number 2, surprise. Whether it’s on your landing page or with your later offers, you cannot be repetitive. You need to have some sort of edge.

“And tip number 3, I would say, test and test and test more. Because you fail a lot of times. So to find the best, you just need to test more and on bigger scale.”

Towers asked Lysikowski for what he wanted to reminder marketers as a conclusion. He said, “They should remember to talk to me. Whenever I go to them to work with them, they should remember that I’m Philip, and I want to speak with them. “