iGaming Asia 2019 focuses on new opportunities and technologies

iGaming Asia 2019 focuses on new opportunities and technologies

The gambling industry in Asia continues to expand and offer new opportunities, be they experienced operators or wily new startups. It’s almost that time of year again, when the best and brightest of the industry come together at the iGaming Asia Congress, to share their insights, mingle, and discuss how to approach the market best.

iGaming Asia 2019 focuses on new opportunities and technologiesThis year’s iGaming Asia Congress will take place from March 12-14. They are celebrating their 11th year of the conference by moving to a new venue, the Studio City in Macau.

The conference welcomes just about anyone who is working in the industry in some way, and advertises the opportunity to gain insights from experts, discover new technologies, and gain a better understanding of the Asian and global markets. In addition, they promise over 10 hours of networking opportunities, where visits can share partnership opportunities, discuss the industry, and of course, meet new people.

Anyone showing up for the Pre-Conference Briefings on March 12 can expect to learn about the emerging American market, as the beginning of the day will focus on “US Briefings – Untapping the Biggest Regulated Gambling Market in the World.” Operators looking to jump into the Asian market for the first time can also learn how to do so in the afternoon, with “Operational Briefings: The A-Z of Setting Up in Asia.”

March 13 will focus on emerging technologies and their application. The first session will discuss “Optimizing the Synergy Between Cryptocurrency and iGaming in Asia.” After a break for a networking lunch, the afternoon session will cover “Embracing Gaming Innovation and Technology in Asia.”

The final day will be all about emerging markets. The morning of March 14 will feature “The Domino Effect – Next Steps and Opportunities in India.” Finally, the conference will close out with “Unlocking New Market Opportunities in the Region.”

If you’re interested in signing up 11th iGaming Asia Congress, or want to know more about the event, visit the official website here.