London Conference Week 2019 Day 5 recap: LAC Day 2

London Conference Week 2019 Day 5 recap: LAC Day 2

Over five thousand delegates returned to the ExCeL today to enjoy the second day of the London Affiliate Conference, the most anticipated event of the year for the online gambling affiliate industry. Affiliates, affiliate programs, suppliers, media and more roamed the conference floor one last time to finish up those meetings, stand visits and hit the odd session or two.

Today’s keynote speaker was Alvin Hussey of The Hook, an expert on how to create outstanding social content and execute the best social media campaigns. He provided the audience with several video examples of successful campaigns and described The Hook’s journey to becoming an expert in the field.

“Don’t waste your time and effort. I say that’s my biggest tip of all of this- is time- you can’t get your time back. There’s a reason why you say you spend time”, Hussey shared with after his session.

“But rather than wasting your time on elements that don’t work, try to figure out a very quick and lean way of doing it in a really quick way with an influencer, with a social video, see if it works and if it doesn’t all good. You’ve only wasted a few hours a day, whatever it may be”, he said.

First time exhibitor Carousel Group entertained LAC guests with a little horse racing treat at their stand, a wonderful way to educate affiliates on the launch of their brands and affiliate program.

“So we’re gearing up, in several weeks we’re going live with our two flagship brands and, they are obviously very exciting brands. We’ve been getting a lot of interest, a lot of affiliates coming over and signing up”, confirmed Daniel Graetzer, CEO and Founder of Carousel Group.

“Part of our philosophy for is to try to bring the excitement of the track to the online world, so we figured we’re going to bring something exciting from the track to an affiliate conference. We couldn’t bring real horses, there’s probably some laws around that [laughs] but we’ve got these two little guys who are here and they’ve been serving us pretty well”, he said.

“Really exciting, last day today, so we’ve just got to get through today and maybe get a few more races in before we go home”, he joked.

Long time LAC exhibitor Intertops Affiliate celebrated their 20 year anniversary at the conference this year, an affiliate program known for their trustworthiness and exceptional affiliate management team. In fact, Intertops invited their very first affiliate to join them at their booth this year, a partner who greatly values his friendship with those behind the brand.

“Its new for me because the market is so big right now, 15 years ago it was smaller, you know everyone. You have friends here, you have a network here. Right now, 2019, it feels like 1000 of companies for affiliates to promote. Intertops is the first affiliate [program] and I think it’s the best”, shared Werner N.

“I know the whole staff, from the founder to the secretaries, I know them all and we have meetings every few weeks, we call, mostly we are friends”, he added.

As the LAC came to a close, we caught up with Stuart Dacre of Clarion Events, the main man behind the organization of LAC this year.

“Well look at it, its stunning. Its absolutely stunning. I think its building on everything we’ve ever had”, Darcre told

“Its understanding movements in the market, looking at it from a non-industry perspective which is invaluable at the moment, its challenging the status quo but retaining everything that was originally started with these events”, he added.

“You have to retain it, but we have to innovate and grow as it matures and I think when you have a little bit of a look around about the way everybody has invested, everybody’s developing, the way the industry is maturing, if we can replicate that and work with it, this will work. But its just a knock out”, he said.