Casinomeister’s Best and Worst Awards for 2018 – finally announced

Casinomeister's Best and Worst Awards for 2018 - finally announced

Always and still the “only iGaming awards that matter” the Casinomeister 2018 Awards for the online casino industry have now been published at for the 2018 calendar year. Casinomeister’s “Best and Worst” awards are held by many in the industry to be some of the most important and prestigious awards given to the online gaming community.

Casinomeister's Best and Worst Awards for 2018 - finally announcedCasinomeister’s Meister Awards for 2018:

This year Videoslots shares the top honours with Trada as “Best Casino of 2018”. Videoslots continues to get awesome reviews by Casinomeister’s forum members but Trada has proved equally popular in this year’s voting to no-one’s surprise. The two were dead-tied in voting for Best Casino by the Casinomeister Advisory Group. Bailey stated, “instead of flipping a coin … I am giving the award to both casinos: Trada Casino and Videoslots. Both of these casinos are just freaking amazing.”

Trada Casino also took the honors for “The Best Customer Service of 2018”, as they have done for the third straight year. Bailey: “Trada Casino is one of the best run casinos in the business and sets a prime example that their competitors should take note of.” Trada’s Rachael Morgan also took the award for Best Casino Manager of 2018 while their Player Manager, Conor Dargle, nailed Best Casino Representative of 2018.

Best New Casino of 2018 has gone to Fun Casino managed by the L&L Europe Group which was able to “successfully maneuver its way though our Baptism by Fire process in February 2018, and to actually exceed our expectations. I was happily amazed as were many of our forum members on how swift the casino rep L&L Jan dealt with any issue to a satisfying conclusion.”

This year’s Ted Loh Humanitarian Award goes to Christine Marrah for her years of work with Team Rubicon, a disaster response group which is mostly comprised of veterans and first responders. As an active volunteer, she’s in a leadership position for the organization’s Region VII. She has deployed a number of times to various disasters in the US and has worked both in management positions as well as in the field performing muck-out and chain saw teams. Her work is an awesome example that others would be challenged to follow.

But the awards are not all praise. There are the “worst” of the year awards as well: Worst Customer Service, Worst Casino, Worst Player Experience, Biggest Disappointment of 2018, Head in the Sand Award, Bag of Hammers Award, and much more.

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