Becky’s Affiliated: 5 Reasons to attend CoinGeek Week Conference, Nov 28-30

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November 15th has come and gone and the Bitcoin BCH hard fork is behind us, but this is only just the beginning…history is being made right now as the world’s first “hashwar” pushes on. There is an opportunity to be a part of this history and to gain a full understanding of exactly what all of this means by attending the CoinGeek Week Conference next week in London.

Becky’s Affiliated: 5 Reasons to attend CoinGeek Week Conference, Nov 28-30The CoinGeek Week Conference has been designed to educate miners, application developers, merchants, online gambling companies, blockchain enthusiasts and others on how Bitcoin can improve any business and since November 15th, why Bitcoin SV in particular is the Bitcoin Cash of the future.

I know what’s happening right now with Bitcoin Cash is confusing and we are all aware the price of Bitcoin has taken a dive since the 15th, but the purpose of this Becky’s Affiliated edition is to urge you not to worry about either of these two points and to focus on the bright future of Bitcoin Cash SV instead.

Forget the price today, focus on the bigger picture for tomorrow

The majority of conversations surrounding crypto these days revolve around the price and I always point out to my friends and contacts that this is the wrong focus. Making a quick million off of day-trading crypto currencies is not what Bitcoin is about, so stop worrying about the price and instead focus on the bigger picture.

The technology behind Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV in particular has the potential to change the way businesses are run and the way in which we pay for everything. SV is the Bitcoin Cash of the future and CoinGeek Week has been designed to educate everyone on why this is the case and how to take advantage of it now.

Your Bitcoin Cash questions answered

There are a LOT of questions out there regarding Bitcoin Cash at the moment. A lot. Some of these questions can be answered right now and for some answers we’re going to have to sit tight and wait, but we can gain significant insights from the pioneers in Bitcoin Cash and they will be present at CoinGeek Week.

This conference has been designed to educate – as opposed to sell to or ask investment from – professionals who are wishing to take advantage of technology that has been built to change our world. Alongside the sessions, there will be plenty of networking opportunities to allow for every single attendee to have a chance to talk with Bitcoin Cash leaders and to get those burning questions addressed.

Cut through the crap and get straight to the source

While there are a number of outstanding Blockchain events taking place around the world on a regular basis, CoinGeek Week is unique because of its laser focus and lack of distractions. The speakers have been carefully selected and are focused on Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Cash only, with a dedication to fulfilling Satoshi’s vision with in “all-in-one coin” and a belief that Bitcoin SV is the future of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

Tokenization recently enabled on Bitcoin Cash

On-chain smart contracts have been enabled for Bitcoin Cash thanks to James Belding and the team at Tokenized, also the winner of CoinGeek’s £5 million contest. This is huge news as it’s a one-of-a-kind and top-of-the-line solution for tokenization in the crypto space. The Bitcoin Cash chain has been carefully developed to handle an onslaught of transactions as they come, unlike Ethereum which has been known to crash due to scaling limitations.

This announcement should be of particular interest to the online gambling industry as there are a number of use cases for tokenization for iGaming in particular, including those who are looking to migrate to a new platform due to performance issues on their current platform.

Belding and team will be presenting at CoinGeek Week and on-hand to answer specific questions to those who are interested in taking advantage of this technology. In the meantime, the white paper was released on November 13th, so I encourage you to read up in advance so you’re armed with questions when you meet Belding in person.

Invite-only miners day 

Becky’s Affiliated: 5 Reasons to attend CoinGeek Week Conference, Nov 28-30While the main CoinGeek Week Conference takes place Wednesday, November 28-Friday, November 30th, CoinGeek has arranged is a special invite-only “Miners Day” on Tuesday, November 27th.

Miners are the most important element of the crypto ecosystem, a detail so many in the crypto space simply don’t understand. Therefore, a day dedicated to educating miners on what’s happening with Bitcoin Cash, where mining stands today and what the future holds is critical to pushing the ecosystem forward. I encourage anyone with an interest in mining to sign up now as space is limited.

The Party

After four days of intensive learning, listening, debating and networking, Calvin Ayre declared it was only fair to treat CoinGeek Week delegates to a proper CoinGeek-branded party, Calvin Ayre-style.

Think Bodog party in 2004, 2005 and 2006 in Vegas… launch party in Prague and one-year anniversary party in Dublin. Oh yes, the famous parties are back and in fact, the original team that produced Calvin’s soirees from the past will be right there alongside him for the CoinGeek Week closing party on Friday night, November 30th, so get ready for a nostalgic treat.

Get your tickets directly on the CoinGeek website or if you prefer to pay with a credit or debit card, please visit CoinGeek’s Eventbrite page.

Don’t just watch history—be a part of it.


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