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Cleopatra Casino has added a new headliner to the slot room. Thunderkick Slots, a leading producer in the online slot machine community, is featuring a bevy of different machines within the Thunderkick online slots now available at Cleopatra Online CasinoCleopatra casino slot room. This partnership brings titles that have hosted success across different online platforms and the opportunity for future creations.

Thunderkick has relied heavily on the use of extensive graphic work to produce their machines. Each theme, font, and color scheme is carefully crafted to ensure the finished product meets the needs of the consumer. Detail is at the core of their mission statement, providing the user with life like experiences they won’t find anywhere else.

The partnership between Thunderkick and Cleopatra is working to boost the selection and play value found at this new online casino. Players will enjoy new selections the second they are released to the public. This will provide a sense of urgency and works to feature titles that you can’t find anywhere else. This exclusive partnership also provides Cleopatra casino with the exclusive development rights to machines that are featured only within their online community.

Thunderkick develops machines that fit the classic 3-reel mode and advance to host options that have over 1000 different pay lines. The largest machine Thunderkick features spell 50 reels, allowing the user to combine their payout structure and hit combinations that didn’t even seem likely. Thunderkick stays ahead of the curve by releasing titles associated to popular occurrences, holidays, seasons, and different box office hits. The trend curve never goes over their head, creating relevant titles that can suit any player’s needs.

Cleopatra casino will play host to many different titles already created in the Thunderkick mainframe. They will also be working with Thunderkick to develop a strategy for progressive jackpots, additional bonus games, and within game mini-shorts. These discussions will heat up the slot room and will provide users with multiple chances for bankroll saving wins and large payout structures.

The titles currently represented by Thunderkick can be found within the casino. Take a blast to the past with the Arcader slot. This slot helps you relive previous arcade games titles that dominated the 80s and 90s. Bringing these titles to life with additional mini games and testing your prowess with interactive shorts, Arcader is sure to bring back the memories of the malt shop arcade room you grew up with. Turn your quarters into cash with this interactive game release.

If video games aren’t quite your pace, try the Fruit Wrap slot. A mix between Fruit Ninja, Candy Crush, and the classic Triple Cherry slot titles, this machine tastes you on a mouth-watering journey to cash. Mix and match your combinations and find out which fruit wins your heart with the nutritious payout structure.

These are just a couple of representations that Thunderkick carries over to Cleopatra’s online platform. The room is filled with many different titles from this brand and this trend will continue as developments roll in. Do not miss out on the opportunity to sample from all the different titles that Thunderkick has to offer. At Cleopatra, the fun is never limited and the formats are plentiful; so stop by and see what the buzz is all about.


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