Nissi Online Casino adds dogs betting

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Players at Nissi Online Casino can now enjoy the excitement of dogs betting. Platinum Hounds offers bettors a chance to watch and wager on virtual greyhound racing 24/7. This form of betting joins a growing list of virtual sports events that are available at Nissi casino to all players with a registered account.

Nissi Online Casino adds Dogs BettingPlatinum Hounds and Nissi Online Casino

The Platinum Hounds virtual dogs betting game can be found in the Virtual Sports section of Nissi Online Casino. When players select this tab they are taken to a Flash-based interface in their browser. There is no download required to play the game. Once the screen pops up, bettors only need to wait for the next race to begin.

Each race consists of a field of greyhounds. Each greyhound dog is assigned a number. The bettor decides which dog they think will win the event. The next step is to place a bet on the selected dog. It is possible to play a straight wager on one dog to win, and it is also possible to bet multiples. Multiples are exotic bets in which the bettor selects two or more dogs and predicts their order of finish. A multiple bet will offer a greater payout to the bettor if the winning selections come in.

The virtual race begins after the bets have been placed. The action is very realistic and even includes the commentary of a track announcer. Players can watch the dogs as they navigate the racetrack. Once the race is over, the results are posted for the player to see. A winning bet is collected when the player’s chosen dog crosses the finish line first.

Platinum Hounds is an authentic virtual version of real dog racing. The advantage of this type of betting is that players do not need to travel to a live greyhound track. They can watch and wager from the comfort of home. There is also no need to wait for long periods for a race to begin. Races begin every two to three minutes.

How to Play Platinum Hounds at Nissi Online Casino

Dogs betting at Nissi Online Casino with Platinum Hounds only requires the player to have an account with the casino. Players can use the same account they use for playing slots or live blackjack. The player simply creates an account and then funds it with a credit card, Skrill, or Bitcoin. Deposits are made available for immediate betting on this fun virtual sport.

Those who have questions about dogs betting at Nissi Casino and Platinum Hounds are encouraged to email [email protected] for further information.


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