WrB London highlights profitability of responsible gaming

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‘WrB London: Responsible gaming, CSR and the bottom line’ will be held on Wednesday, October 17, at the OXO2 Tower in London. The event, which will be attended by officials from both the private sector and government, will feature discussions around the compatibility of responsible gaming (RG) and profitability.

WrB London highlights the profitability of responsible gamingOne discussion tackles advertising legislation, which the industry has had to adjust to more in recent years, where every move made by operators or advertisers has been examined by regulators. And who better to understand such actions by watchdogs, than from the watchdogs themselves?

‘The impact of advertising legislation on responsible gambling and profits’ explores requirements of the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), as well as the advertising requirements of the EU. As an impending full advertising ban for gambling in Italy looms, what could be expected?

With greater scrutiny of gambling advertisements, where does RG fit in? The discussion hopes to find “the balance between attracting new players without gambling addictions and not sending unwanted marketing to self-excluded players,” as well as figure out how to ensure “sufficient information sharing with affiliates to prevent failures in communications to self-excluded players.”

Among the invited guests are Hermann Pamminger, who heads Casinos Austria’s CSR, European Affairs & Tourism Politics division; Betway Head of Compliance William Chambers; European Advertising Standards Alliance Public Affairs and Policy Officer Tristan Gijsenbergh; ASA Regulatory Policy Executive Andrew Taylor; and Rombet Executive Manager Dan Iliovici.

Also part of the conference agenda is ‘Cross-industry collaboration: How a uniform approach could lead to a more sustainable industry.’ Part of such sustainability is watching out for and being able to exclude problem gamblers. The discussion looks at “creating uniformity” in detecting harm and determining triggers for different forms of intervention.
Moderating is Niki Stephens, Mischon de Reya Managing Associate; Alderney eGambling CEO Susan O’Leary; Ladbrokes Group Director of Responsible Gambling Graham Weir; Gamstop CEO Fiona Palmer; and Senet Group CEO Sarah Hanratty.

Also in the conference is Mr Green CEO Jesper Karrbrink presenting a case study of Mr Green, to show “the on-going effectiveness of RG tools.”

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