Will Kassouf accused of stealing roulette chips; apologises; Grosvenor drop him

Will Kassouf accused of stealing roulette chips; apologises; Grosvenor drop him

The Grosvenor Casino cuts ties with ambassador Will Kassouf, after allegations surface that the man who lit up the 2016 World Series of Poker Main Event stole money from friends while playing roulette at a Grosvenor Casino.

Outside of killing 3.3 million per year (more than war, terrorism and homicide combined), and being a causal factor in more than 200 illnesses and diseases, alcohol does have one other effect.

Will Kassouf accused of stealing roulette chips; apologises; Grosvenor drop himIt makes you act like a complete and utter cock.

Two years ago, a man with a wolf on his baseball cap won the 2016 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event, but the star of the show was a lawyer from the UK, who liked to play poker sporadically, Will Kassouf.

I use the word ‘star’ loosely.

Kassouf was like English Mustard; you either hated his antics or loved them. His loudmouth, trash talking style polarised people’s opinion of him like no other person in recent times.

888Poker began working with him.

Grosvenor Casinos hired him as an ambassador.

Kassouf was suddenly a big deal.

And with stardom comes a spotlight so bright that when you get drunk, playing roulette with mates, and decide to slip a few £100 chips into your trouser pocket, it finds you.

Grosvenor and Kassouf Split by ‘Mutual Consent’; Deeb Wants His Spot

In July, Shaun Deeb appeared in the Joey Ingram podcast to tell the world that Kassouf had tried to hit upon his wife.

Kassouf responded.

For the record, I wasn’t hitting on your wife. Please! LOL. I had never met her before and didn’t think you were married. I simply asked her if she was your sister as I thought she looked like you! Also, neither of you are my type anyway so you don’t need to worry lol #justsaying.

The spat was a public one, and so when Kassouf was alleged to have stolen chips, a unspecified person wrote to Deeb to give him the juicy details, and Deeb wasted little time pouring hot tar onto the face of his former sparring partner.

Deeb not only posted the news on Twitter, he also took time out from his World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) waffle-crushing to start a thread on 2+2.

Soon enough, people started to way in.

Like, Paul Newey.

“I am hearing an unconfirmed report that Kassouf was stealing chips from a “ friend” whilst they were both playing roulette and that his sponsorship by Grosvenor Casinos has been suspended pending a full investigation.”

And then most damaging to Kassouf, a Facebook post from Michael J. O’Mahoney.

“No gossip. We were all drunk and the only playing roulette was one mate who won about 4k and let us bet for him using the single 1 chips he had. We put a bet on that won another £,800 and Kassouf started celebrating and grabbing the £100 chips which myself and mates took back. But in all the ensuing betting he was seen pocketing some. That’s when the argument happened. Like I said we all wanted to kepp it between us and we had a private argument at bar with a view to it being sorted the next day. Even in taxi to hotel we said we’d bever want to see him get fucked and lose his sponsor. Unfortunatelyt, some of the GUKPT media staffoverheard and told management. It’s not my place to write this really but sick of peope defending him sating must be a mistake. Definbtely easn;t and he’ll have to accept the consequences as well as lose friends he had.”

Kassouf had to respond.

He did.

It pleased noone.

“I would like to apologise to all my family, friends, fans and followers for my behaviour on this occasion. I accept the consequences of my actions and would now like to draw a line under this while matter and move on.

“I will continue to do what I do best by bringing the fun and entertainment factor back to poker as that’s what’s most important to me in my poker career. I wish you all the best of luck and loom forward to seeing you at the tables.

“Thank you all for the understanding.

“Much love.


The most apt word on his apology that I read on the 2+2 thread was ‘soulless’.

So what now?

Grosvenor is a man down.