Cashless biometric betting machines hit the market

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Technology giant Fujitsu, the multinational company behind computers, cell phones, cloud computing and more, is getting into gambling. The company has designed a cashless betting Cashless biometric betting machines hit the marketmachine that is going to be seen at the Tokyo Racecourse this month before being rolled out to all Japan Racing Association (JRA) courses, such as those in Fukushima and Hasshin, and WINS off-track betting facilities.

The machine uses biometrics to verify identities and financial amounts. Gamblers will have their palm vein tied to their JRA membership card, which can be used as a debit card at the JRA racecourses. When a gambler scans his or her palm on the machine, the machine will confirm the identity and the amount in the card and allow the user to place wagers.

According to Fujitsu, the new devices provide for a “highly secure placement of cashless bets as well as payouts.” It added, “JRA is using Fujitsu’s cashless betting machines featuring palm vein authentication as they make counterfeiting difficult and offer high recognition accuracy to verify members.”

The devices are designed to counter a number of issues seen by gamblers at the racecourses. They eliminate the need to provide change to the individuals and also remove paper tickets, as all of the information is linked to the gambler’s JRA card.

Fujitsu’s palm vein authentication technology isn’t new, but its incorporation into the cashless betting machines is. The same technology has been used by a large number of banks for their automatic tellers, and has also been seen in corporate PC access management. It has proven itself to be highly secure and virtually impossible to counterfeit and has a high degree of authentication accuracy.

As an added benefit, the machines will also allow users to purchase WIN5 tickets and place bets on races that are held outside of Japan. Previously, this could only be accomplished by making purchases online. Payouts will be automatic and will be added to the user’s JRA card balance.

The machines will be in place at the Tokyo Racecourse on September 22. Provided everything goes well, other facilities, including casinos operating inside the future Japanese integrated resorts, could soon have the machines installed, as well.


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